Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter Sweden, b. 1966


Powerful, tough, challenging, tempting and at the same time vulnerable women play the leading role in the works of Swedish born Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter. Virtuous in her use of art, with historical and contemporary pop culture elements.  Jansdotter's hybrid paintings tell us stories about the joys and sorrows of human relationships.  She places emphasis on the roles and stereotypes women have been traditionally assigned, find themselves in now and should be claiming for themselves in future. Birgitta paints monumental, and with a cheeky wink to the 'normal' rules in painting. Through the hard-edged compositions, minimal pattern, and simplified shapes, the eyes gain the most prominent value. Centralized in the painting and seem to be mirroring the spectator. Often finding recourse in humor, she approaches the subjects combined with the dark side of life, lingering with hope.  Missing her native country, she incorporate parts of the swedish mysterious landscape rich in symbols and myths rendered by imagination and her memories. Jansdotter has exhibited worldwide in museums, galleries and art fairs from South Korea and Hong Kong, England, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. Jansdotter has received two art prices in Sweden. In the Netherlands she has been awarded the Jacob Hartogprijs (2007) and the Cultuurprijs Zuidplas (2017).

2003–2007 Vrije Academie, The Hague
1995–1996 “Living Workshop” pedagogy, Stockholm
1993–1995 Sunderby Folkhögskola, Art Teacher/pedagogy , 80p Luleå
1993  Sculpting and lithography, Stockholm
1987–1989 Basic Visual Arts, Mullsjö Folkhögskola, Mullsjö
1987  Textile education, Insjön
1982–1984 Technical school, Gävle

Museum exhibition
2021  Last Supper, Museum Odapark center for Contemporary Art
2019 EUROPA, Museum de Fundatie/Kasteel de Nijenhuis
2019 Salon 2019, Museum Gouda
2018 Vruchtbare grond, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
2017 WATER, Museum de Fundatie
2017 Salon, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
2014 “The Dark side of Beauty”, NOCTURNE, 17okt 2014  - 
             2feb 2015, Museum Gouda
2009 Salon, Museum Gouda
2007 Salon, Museum Gouda
2000 Mä, Stockholms Läns Museum (solo) Sweden
1995 Salon, Norrbottens Museum, Sweden


30 solo and duo shows, selection

2017 Kunstenfestival Watou, Belgium, duo
2017 Village Church of Zevenhuizen, NL
2013 Galerie Katuin, Granada, Spain
2011 Edsvik Konsthall, Stockholm
2011 Galerie Katuin, Granada, Spain
2008 2nd Seoul New International Art fair, Seoul, South Korea
2008 Pulchri Studio, The Hague
2007 Galerie Houses of Art, Marbella, Spain, duo
2000 Väsby Konsthall, Stockholm                     
2000 Mä, Stockholms Läns Museum 
1998 Väsby Konsthall, Stockholm
1995 Galleri Tankarnas Trädgård, Luleå
1994 Galleri Havsöringen, Luleå



52 group shows abroad, selection
2020 ALIEN, Dark Art Emporium, Los Angeles
2019 NORDART 2019, Büdelsdorf,(Kiel) Germany.
2018 NORDART 2018, Büdelsdorf, Germany
2017 Personal Relations, Vicenzia, Italy
2017 SEHNSUCHT, Kunzthuiz, Kasteel Herkenrode, Hasselt, Belgium
2016 Personal Relations, Cello Factory, Waterloo, London
2016 Summer Exhibition Von Fraunberg Art Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany
2013 Cognition,von Fraunberg art Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany
2011 NORDART, Büdelsdorf, Germany
2009 HongKong International Artshow, HongKong, China
2008 Galleri Infra, Höstsonat, Stockholm, Sweden
2008 Människor-gestalter-porträtt, Galleri Infra, Stockholm, Sweden
2006-2007 Edsvik Konsthall, Stockholm: Total: 4 exhibitions
“Höstsalongen”,“Friendship",”Tecken i Tiden” ,”Tiden”
2007 Inside Out, Galleria Lallihome, Varenna, Italy
2006 Camaver Kunsthaus di Simona Cao, Sondrio, Italy
1997- 2004 Väsby Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden: Total: 21 exhibitions
2004 Malmö Konstcentrum, Malmö
2003 Galleri Donoso, Stockholm
2006 Aurora, Galleri infra, Stockholm
2002 Konstfrämjandet, Stockholm
2000 Kvinnor i konsten, Galleri Vilunda, Stockholm
1999 Länskonst, Kvarnen, Söderhamn
1998 Galleri Mowestor, Stockholm
1995 Länskonst, Kvarnen, Söderhamn

​82 group shows in Netherland, selection
2019-2020 WANDERLUST, ArtNomaden, Prinsenkwartier, Delft
2019 ARTNOMADEN XL, de Helena, The Hague
2019 ARTNOMADEN DOLL, Pulchri Studio, The Hague
2019 ARTNOMADEN, Art on the Loose, Firma van drie, Gouda
​2017 VM23, WEIB, Arnhem
2016 XXL, Pulchri Studio, The Hague
2016 artgouda, Artist in Residence
2015 NOVEMBER, Kunstmaand Ameland
2013 Podium DAK, Geldrop, NOCTURNE
2013 Firma van Drie, Gouda, NOCTURNE
2013 RE: Rotterdam, NOCTURNE
2012  Pulchri Studio, Nocturne, The Hague
2012 Arteryshow, TETEM kunstruimte, via Galerie Cabinodd, Enschede
2012 Dreamscape, Tetem Kunstruimte Enschede, via Galerie Cabinodd
2011 Twente Biennale, Hengelo, via Cabinodd Galerie
2011 “Liaison Amsterdam”, Loods 6 via Cabinodd Galerie
2010 Gallery Colours, The Hague
2010 Vreemdgaan, Kunstliefde, Utrecht
2007 Goudsgoed, Haagweg 4, Leiden
2007 Galerie 10, Utrecht
2005 Het Oude Raadhuis, Aalsmeer


2017 Culture Award of Zuidplas, NL
2007 Jacob Hartog Prize, NL
1999 Byggnads Culture Prize, SE
1999 Huddinge City Culture Prize, SE


Collection of Bene Foundation, Germany
Collection of Municipality of Zuidplas, The Netherlands
​Collection of Museum Gouda, The Netherlands
Collection of JSO, Gouda The Netherlands
Collection of Municipality of Huddinge, Sweden
Collection of Municipality of Upplands Väsby 
Collection of Housing association TomtbergaHuge, Stockholm, Sweden
Collection of If insurances, Stockholm,  Sweden
and private collections in- and outside The Netherlands

2019 Europa, Museum de Fundatie/Kasteel de Nijenhuis, Zwolle
2019 Nordart 2019, Germany, catalogue
2018 Nordart, Germany, catalogue
2017 Watou Kunstenfestival, Belgie, catalogue
2017 Jubileum Catalogue, Firma Van Drie 10 years
2017 WATER, Museum de Fundatie, catalogue 
​2016 NOVEMBER, Kunstmaand Ameland, catalogue
​2014 NOCTURNE, De donkere kant van de Schoonheid, Museum Gouda, 
2012 Nocturne, Pulchri Studio, Den Haag, catalogue 
2011 NORDART, Büdelsdorf, Duitsland, catalogue 
2011 Galerie Katuin, catalogue 
2009 Affordable Art Fair, Brussel, Belgie, catalogue 
2009 HongKong Artfair International Artshow, Hong Kong, China, catalogue 
2008 2nd Seoul New International Artfair, Seoul, South Korea, catalogue 
2006 Tiden, Edsvik Konsthall, Väsby Konsthall, Galleri Infra City, Stockholm, Zweden, catalogue 
2006 Camaver Kunsthaus, Italy, catalogue 
2005 Lineart, Gent, Belgium, catalogue