Diego Cerero Molina Spain, b. 1987


Born in Valverde del Camino (Huelva), Spain in 1987. In 2010 he graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of the University of Sevilla specializing in painting, in 2011 he achieves a Master’s Degree in Art: Idea and Production from the University of Seville.

Artist statement

" My work takes as main protagonist the human being and everything around him, using his image as an artifact. My interest is focused on the representation of this and their emotions.

Each work is a personal experience developed throughout the creative process, which normally begins with the search and construction of the images that I use as references for my work. Images that I decontextualize, placing elements of our environment in unusual places or situations, creating a different relationship between them and showing what is known as something strange. This generating new meanings and causing a strange sensation in the viewer.

In this way, I try to make visible aspects of the contemporary society such as the difficulty of
relationships, the strangeness of everyday life, the difficult contours of one's identity, or the thin line
between normality and madness." - Diego Cerero Molina

Solo shows


- "Figuras” Galleria d´arte Russo, Roma (Italy).


- “Atención: pintura fresca” Museo de Huelva (Spain).


- “Identidades Metafóricas” Valverde del Camino (Spain).



Group shows


- “Colectiva 2020” Galleria d´arte Russo, Rome (Italy).


- “Istanbul” Galleria d´arte Russo, Rome (Italy).

- “Treinta” Casa Colón, Huelva (Spain).

- “Todo encaja” Galería Zunino, Seville (Spain).

- “Día-D” Galería Zunino, Seville (Spain).

- “Colectiva 2018” Galleria d´arte Russo, Rome (Italy).

- “January 2018 Collective Show” Aïda Cherfan Gallery, Beirut (Lebanon).


- “Summer Art Time” Galería 9, Valencia (Spain).


- “Huelwarhol. Diálogos de Andy Warhol con el arte onubense” Museo de Huelva, Huelva

- ”Hashtag 2” ” Galería Léucade, Murcia (Spain).

- “Colectiva verano 2017” Galería Bea Villamarín, Gijón (Spain).

- “Ordinary and Famous Folks” Aïda Cherfan Gallery, Beirut (Lebanon).


- “Shakespeare in Rome” organized by the Galleria d´arte Russo, Rome (Italy), esponsored by the British Council to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare.

- “Yüksel ve Parla – Rise and Shine” Russo Art Gallery Istanbul (Turkey).


- “The Summer Show” Russo Art Gallery Istanbul (Turkey).

- “Summer Collective Show” Aïda Cherfan Gallery, Beirut (Lebanon).


- “El público y lo público” Espacio Sótano II, Facultad de Bellas Artes de Sevilla (Spain).


- “IKAS-ART” representing the University of Seville, Vizcaya (Spain).





- ArtVerona 2018, Galleria d´arte Russo, Rome (Italy).

- Young International Art Fair 2017, Teodora Galerie, Paris (France).

- Arte Fiera Bologna 2017, Galleria d´arte Russo, Rome (Italy).


- Bergamo Arte Fiera 2016, Galleria d´arte Russo, Rome (Italy).

- Parma Art Fair 2016, Galleria d´arte Russo, Rome (Italy).

- Beirut Art Fair 2016, Aïda Cherfan Gallery, Beirut (Lebanon).


- ARTS/ artsevilla 2015, Black Cube Gallery, Barcelona (Spain).

- Arte Fiera Bologna 2015, Galleria d´arte Russo, Rome (Italy).


- Contemporary Istanbul 2014, Russo Art Gallery Istanbul (Turkey).

- Art Factory Catania 2014, Galleria d´arte Russo, Rome (Italy).