Lu Monin Brazil


Born in São Paulo, Brazil, and living in Switzerland since 2005, Lu Monin remains true to her Brazilian spirit even though she considers herself a Lausanne native.


As a teenager, Lu Monin was fascinated by literature (she studied literature at the University of São Paulo), theatre, music, and drawing, but soon she had to leave this artistic world aside to start a professional activity.

After many years in the financial world, she rebounds to one of her first passions and in 2014 she starts working as a painter, following in the footsteps of her mother, with whom Lu learned her first painting practices.


Self-taught, Lu attended different workshops and painting schools in Switzerland to learn with different artists the techniques that might suit her best. She started by reproducing master paintings on commission and at the same time she created her own artworks by devoting a large part of her time. Artistic creation became a full-time pleasure and occupation. It is the beginning of a new adventure!


In 2016 Lu Monin opened the doors of her painting Studio to the public for all those wishing to unleash their creativity without having to constantly follow academic models.

For Lu, teaching is also learning: she loves to communicate her motivations and creative ideas. 


The artist sublimates contemporary art in her paintings. She works with emotion and gentleness. Her guidelines are intuitive, outside the artistic rules. The result is a composition full of freedom which goes further than a simple glance at her canvases.


Today Lu Monin runs her Art Studio in Pully where she animates various artistic events and ministers painting courses for adults and children.