Lucas Lamenha Brazil


With the aid of graphical elements and characters that not only reflect the chaos inherent to modern world’s surplus of information but also represent the identity of his work, Lucas Lamenha cultivates repetition and provokes the public by bringing storytelling as the key element to his thematic, transforming studies, research and memories into stories told with spray, acrylic   and marker about a ludic, original and colourful universe invented by the artist. The uniqueness of his strokes and his outstanding style imprint generalities, such as numbers, music, astronauts, dilemmas, idiosyncrasies, love and peace, that translate some of Lucas’ essence, past and present into paper, canvas and objects.


With more than 300 signed works in just 5 years of career, Lucas Lamenha rises in the global scene as one of the most original and promising Brazilian artists of the country. His unique style is full of personality reaching all kinds of audiences and has aroused the interest of collectors, artists and galleries from all over the world. With exhibitions in New York, London, Paris, Australia and twice at Burning Man, in Nevada-USA, Lucas continues his trajectory experimenting with styles,