Arnaldo Duarte Brazilian, b. 1967


From the largest cluster of galaxies to the smallest subatomic particle, everything that makes up the universe at any given moment is the result of infinite cycles of constructions and deconstructions, births and deaths.

As an integral part of the cosmos, all living beings on this planet are reached by this "universal law", obviously, this includes us, human beings. We are born and go through life's journey knowing that our existence will end one day, at least in the way we perceive it today.

Somehow we will continue to be part of the cosmos.

How? There are no absolute answers. Only the faith that your own essence feels (or doesn't feel) is capable of trying to reach such an intangible answer.



 In this series he mixed his philosophical knowledge with photography techniques resulting in works of rare artistic beauty.

 Arnaldo Duarte invites us to silence our minds agitated by daily life in order to dive into a cosmic ocean, confronting us with a universe of possibilities.

With the manipulation of light and glass, Arnaldo Duarte constructs narratives aligned with Stoic’s principles.

The titles of the works, generally involving names of astronomical objects or particles, reveal an idea of macro/micro and, as a consequence visible/invisible, referring the observer to the "whole," to the "cosmos," which composes and involves us.